With Best Move Estate Agents buying, selling or renting a property abroad isn't out of reach.

If you desire to own a property in a foreign land perhaps in India or Europe. We can provide you with helpful tips and advice, by cutting out the unwanted fuss. We will present you with straight forward buying plans which will offer you more flexible options than you might have thought of and will work effectively within your spending limits.

Every country has it’s own operational codes things that look simple while planning in your native country might turn out to be a roller coaster ride if you do not have skills handy of a experienced estate agent specialized to get the job done.

Big picture

Buying, selling or renting a property in a foreign land is no small task. Reference checks of the people involved and various other legal formalities need expert supervision. In essence this is what counts towards one’s, peace of mind. More and more people are finding benefits in buying, selling or renting abroad. We will provide resources of rules and regulations about foreign ownership for the country you're interested in.

Call us for help

If you're thinking about buying, selling or renting overseas, you may want to enlist your details with us, by doing so we will be able to structure specific desired criteria that satisfies your property search to locate your ideal property. Once we have done our initial property searches we will get in touch with you regularly, when we find what you have desired for.

Payment Options

Want to figure out what you can afford overseas, contact us and we will provide you with clear and precise information that will work in your best interest. Assume you can pay cash only.

Finance mechanisms like mortgages are also available and we will be able to organize it for you to suite your situation best.

We will provide you with the best options, choice of options way ahead in time so that you can adjust to the plans well before you make your move. Payment procedures, international transfers, down payments etc. We will inform you with critical information making your trip more like a holiday when you get on the next plane and skip the country to get the job done.

Your title

When you buy a property, you get a warranty title that states, you are the owner of the property. But if you buy overseas, sometimes the distinction isn't as clear. We will make sure all these formalities are attended to professionally and are complying fully with the relevant authorities.

Boundaries all over the world have shifted so it's quite possible that once you buy a property, someone who in past generations is removed from the original ownership could come back and make a claim on the land.

Don't start to panic; we will make sure a complete check is done to see if all ownership rights are directed to your title. We will work as your shadow and deploy professionals specializing in verifying legal documents. Making sure there are no gaps in the property's history.


India is an exciting country rapidly developing in South - Asia, we provide you with incites to property rights and the process with full support to make your desired plan as comfortable as possible.

India is the 7th largest country in the world and is the 2nd largest, population-wise with over 1 billion inhabitants. India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world and is a vast repository of knowledge, philosophy, poetry, worship and sacrificial rites. Ethnically, the country is divided. Majority speak Hindi which is the national language while English is the associate official language. In all, there are 18 languages recognized by the Constitution and over 350 local and dialects across the vast country. It is the largest parliamentary democracy in the world. It has 3 seasons in a year the Hot (March - June), Wet (July - September) and Cold (November - February).

India is gifted with rich and ancient historical background with scores of places of religious and historical importance. Even nature has provided the country abundantly with high rising mountains, deserts, rich, green and fertile plains, lovely sea beaches, great rivers and dense forests.

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Europe is a family of democratic European countries. The historical routes of Europe lie in the Second World War. Europe now consists of 25 countries and over 450 million people. Europe is a continent with many different traditions and languages, but also with shared values such as democracy, freedom and social justice.

Europe consists of following countries, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greece, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Europe is a fascinating continent, and provides the gateway to various lifestyles, cultures and cultural events. Europe offers well connected public services including transport by road, air, rail and water, locally and internationally.
Today Europe offers just about every level of flexibility a property investor could desire.


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